Calving season has occupied most of our physical and mental energies this month. Our calving season typically lasts 45-60 days, so it’s safe to say we are through the halfway mark now. We’ve been very fortunate to have mild weather, and even some warm, sunny days this month to welcome new calves earthside. It’s extremely helpful, especially for those cold, middle-of-the-night checks, to have our cows and calves in a pasture just across the road. This time is very, very demanding on our family, so communication is key. We all work together and keep a close eye on one another to ensure no one is carrying too much of any one chore. Be assured, the reward of watching a fresh calf take to its feet, find its mother to nurse, and eventually frolic around with the other calves makes all this labor worth it. We work diligently to make sure our cattle always receive the best attention and care afforded - true efforts from the heart. 

Around the farm, we utilized the girls’ spring break to knock off some chores from our spring cleaning list. We tidied the chicken coops, the flower beds, the feed bunks, the pens, and of course…the house. Anyone who lives in or who has visited a farmhouse knows that the farm doesn’t always stay outside. The mud, the feathers, the grain…somehow it all finds its way inside where it hides in corners or under the couch simply waiting to be discovered. Days where we could have the windows open, some music, and lively chatter helped to pass our time. We made sure to balance work and play - with Duke and Dancer, the horses, receiving lots of treats, brushings, and leisurely rides around the farm. School resumed, and with it, a few less hands around the farm and a whole lot more travel to town for activities, clubs, and late night practices.

We know as the weather warms up, so will the pace of ALL things - farm, family, and more. 

Krafft Beef held several, large sale events in March that found us traveling back and forth from the butcher’s more than once to stock our freezers. We hope all that ordered are enjoying their roasts, steaks, ground beef, and other goodies that found their way to your doorstep. As always, we are forever grateful for your continued support and business. Each order that dings on my laptop, let me know that you’re trusting my family to feed yours. That’s a big responsibility, and one that I do not take lightly by any means. 

As we head into the Easter weekend, I hope you find yourself surrounded by good food, good company, and a sense of peace in the season where life grows, life flourishes, life blooms. Spring is so good to us, so be sure to open those windows and take it all in. 

Happiest Easter, 

Myndi and the Krafft Beef Family