I think most of us in “around these parts” in Kansas would sum February up with one word.


We’ve had six to eight inches of snow several times this month. We seem to get six to eight inches of snow here, a couple days of sunshine here, another six to eight inches of snow there, a couple days of sunshine there…and this endless cycle has provided our lands with some much needed moisture. Coming out of the drought-like conditions of 2022, we do our best to not complain. This freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw cycle does present a challenge for all of us on the Krafft Beef operation - copious amounts of mud. The cattle fight it at the bunks and on winter grazing rotations. The tractors and equipment fight it to complete tasks around the farm. Jason, the girls, and I fight it while completing our necessary chores and on the short, dirt-road drives to town. It weighs us down, it slows us down, and it makes a mess of everything. I guess there’s a magical lesson to learn from mud. 

Sometimes, we have to carry some extra weight, slow down, work a bit harder, and learn to be okay with the chaos of life while we allow something incredible, something beautiful to grow and thrive. We may not see the fruits of our labor immediately, but, in time, we will. 

This month we celebrated Valentine’s day, by surprising each of the girls with a rose next to their plate at the breakfast table. It’s this simple gesture, to our greatest loves, that makes the holiday special to Jason and I. We traveled to and attended more academic, athletic, and extra-curricular meetings than we can count. In February we also had two, very successful shipping days with Krafft Beef. We hope those who have received their products love them, and we hope those who have yet to order, feel inclined to soon. If you’re curious, we featured our Filet Mignon on our social media channels this month, and they’re a sure-fire way to introduce you to the quality of our products. Each Friday, we shared recipes, products we’re loving, and little business and family updates to those who receive our emails. If you haven’t signed up to hear from us, we’d love you to. We’ve been told the amount of emails we send is “just right,” and we concur. 

Wishing you strength in the mud you battle, 

Myndi and the Krafft Beef crew.