Somehow, every year, January sneaks up on me and runs away from me at the same time. It truly is the slowest, fastest month. You know what I mean?

We’ve spent more hours than we can count hauling water and breaking ice off tanks, creeks, and ponds. The girls and I are adept at carrying buckets of water around the homeplace, but we couldn’t do it without Jason’s literal “man power” to tackle the thick ice that builds up on the water sources where the cattle are grazing and wintering. When we’re not battling mother nature for fresh water for the livestock, we’re tearing down, packing up, relocating, and building electric fencing for the cattle. This less-than-glamorous part of owning cattle is a necessity to keep the cows fed and nourished by monitoring how much each grazing location has left to offer them before they need to be moved on to the next location. We practice “swath grazing,” which entails cutting and leaving summer and fall hay to lay in the field for use through the winter. The cattle pay their dues by leaving behind their natural fertilizer. This whole system reduces equipment costs, wear, and tear, and should (hopefully) reduce the needs of the land this spring when we plant. 

Our family is busy, but aren’t we all? Returning to school, sports, and activities always requires a period of adjustment for everyone. Yes, I’m thankful for some “peace and quiet” back in the house, but then that “peace and quiet” leads me to reflect on how thankful I am for these wild, strong girls we’re raising. In case you missed it, the girls received a horse (and another one) for Christmas this year. Dancer and Duke (on loan) arrived on the farm and we have some VERY ready-for-warmer-weather girls on our hands now. I look forward to watching them learn about, build mutual respect with, and utilize these horses in the months to come. In a way, my own “horse girl at heart” was fulfilled with these gift animals. 

The Krafft Beef business has kept me jumping. From questions, fulfilling orders, and sharing about my role as a woman involved with agriculture and livestock, we’re thankful for every interaction we have with you - our customers and friends. We’re just getting started with 2023, and we have plenty of incredible things coming your way. Stay tuned. 

We hope you’re all staying healthy and warm, wherever this blog reaches you. 

Catching myself coming and going, 

Myndi and the Krafft Beef crew.