With colder weather comes more. 

More chores on the farm- from extra feed and bedding for our dependent livestock to more smashing through the ice that’s formed on the top of the water tanks each frigid morning. 

More desire for warmth- from a thicker coat and hat accompanied by insulated gloves and boots to sipping hot chocolate from your favorite mug while curled up with a blanket on the couch. 

More family in your home- from children (young and old) being off from schools and trapped indoors due to the limited daylight hours to hosting your dearest family and friends for carefully-curated, made-with love meals. 

More deep-rooted needs to give thanks - from reflecting on challenges and moments of immense personal, mental, or business growth to moments where the world goes quiet as you soak in the life you’ve built for yourself and those you love most. 

With colder weather comes more, and we are so grateful for colder weather and all it brings. 

As for the Krafft Beef family, you’ll find us spending the Thanksgiving holiday either here in Kansas with my husband’s family, or out in California with my family. Sometimes we prefer sand over snow, and who can blame us? No matter where we are, family and friends surround us - parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, and those friends who truly became our family all join us to celebrate. While we spend the majority of our time prepping foods, eating foods, enjoying drinks and good conversation, the post-meal game of Spoons is a highlight for us all. Along with the traditional turkey, we prefer to serve Strip Loin Roasts at Thanksgiving, then we pull out all the stops and serve Prime Rib for Christmas. Part of the holidays is sharing, and I’ve decided to share one of my favorite recipes with you. I hope you’ll try it, with your own twist, of course, and report back to me on how your family liked it. 

Although this year was “a year of disappointment” from floods, drought, poor crop yields,  equipment breakdowns and costly (both time and money) repairs, and fires with total losses, we are still more thankful than ever, for the place we call home on the farm, the people that we call family, and the continued support of each and every one of you who purchase and share Krafft Beef’s products. 


From the bottom of our hearts, we are wishing you a blessing-filled Thanksgiving and peace in your body, heart, and mind as we move into the end of 2022. 

With love,