Being raised as a southern California girl there are a few things that you’re just born with, one of those being a love and knowledge for the finer things in life, like wine. 

Growing up my mom was the Tasting Room Manager at the Callaway Winery in Temecula, California. I probably knew more about wine as a child than most adults but I just thought her job was so fancy and exquisite. It’s funny to think about now as the girls are my same age when she worked there. When she passed we had her funeral at Callaway Winery and from then on, every time I think of wine, I think of her. Wine country reminds me so much of my mom and with every glass I ever drink, she always crosses my mind. I can’t help thinking about all the things we would be talking about over a glass of wine now. How her daughter became a farmer, is raising two little ones and is living in Kansas. Just the act of pouring wine into a glass brings back so many nostalgic memories and I feel so connected to her and comforted.

It’s absolutely no secret at all that Northern California is known for its world class production of some of the finest wines you will ever taste. If you ever have the chance to go and experience wine country I highly encourage you to waste no time in packing your bags and book the trip! 

The history, the quality, the landscape in itself is just something that can’t be explained. When a lot of people think of “California” it’s hard not to think of Los Angeles, Southern California and it’s beaches or Hollywood showbiz. The best kept secret though is what lies in the northern half of my beautiful golden home state. 

Now, I’m absolutely no wine expert but I do know good wine when I taste it and after a few glasses? Well, I may consider myself an at home connoisseur. But what I will say is the moment that I tried Lange Twins wines I knew that it was a quality unlike any other. 

Our goal for 2021 was to find creative ways to keep sharing our business. My initial thoughts were more in the lines of events, markets, influencers or restaurants but when a conversation with an old friend fell into my lap, I knew this was going to be the direction we wanted to go. After being sent some bottles for ourselves to try, I was hooked. Ironically they were sent to us last February which if you remember was one of the most brutal winters we have had yet. Temperatures dipping well below 0 for days at a time. These bottles of wine were the perfect night cap to the end of some pretty cold days and they were the taste of a few date nights we were forced to get creative and have from home. 

A few of my favorite things that made Lange Twins and Krafft Beef feel like a very parallel match was the connection between both of our products being single sourced.The ability for them to grow and bottle single sourced wine grapes from each of their farms was so similar to Krafft Beef, which is also born, raised and fed 100% from our farm. While yes, we both are considered being part of the agriculture industry it was so exciting to find another brand and product that recognized and played on those similar values. 

Lange Twins takes so much pride in educating the customer on every detail of their product. From the farm it was grown, the soil it was raised on and the bottling process. I felt an instant connection to their brand and also found inspiration in our own brand to keep on educating and advocating for our industry. It made me realize that consumers find this important and you can really taste the difference. It's a quality and an extra touch that’s unmatched. 

Long after those bottles were gone It only felt natural to continue a conversation on how we could collaborate with both our following and customer bases to share our brands alongside each other. I’ll always be so thankful for the conversations I had with the Lange Twins staff and allowing us to explore this collaboration and bring it to life. 

As a new business owner it can be a little scary to put yourself out on the line, pitch an idea and work out all the details to make a project like this come to life. Things from logistics of being a west coast and midwest based company, content shoots, marketing and shipping were details we needed to work though that were on the table. Most importantly would our customers be receptive to a fresh idea like this and love the product as well. 

When we really got down to the nitty gritty we started to realize that this collaboration just made sense! We all know that wine and steak pairs seamlessly together. The tannins from the wine and our dry aged beef complement each other so well to really amplify those flavors. There was the comparison of both being single sourced and the pride that we take in how our product is raised. We both make education on the single sourced product a huge pillar in our business as well. Besides the vision for our brands and the way we were both stewards of the land for our own businesses, being family owned was really the center of who we both were. 

Regardless of what industry you are in you can find yourself having tunnel vision and only seeing what competitors and other brands are doing in your line of work. To be able to learn and watch from another business in a whole other world was a true gift.

Thank you to all who invested in the Lange Twins x Krafft Beef wine and beef boxes! Your support did not go unnoticed and we appreciate you taking the leap with us as we explored something new in our growing business. 

Are you a business owner or have some ideas for our next collaboration? We’re all ears! Pitch us your thoughts by emailing