This is a subject I feel like I could talk about for hours – what you get from a farmer or rancher directly is just so different. You will never beat the freshness that comes from beef being flash-frozen right at the butcher on butchering day, and if it is dry-aged? Oh boy! You are in for a treat! Dry-Aging is a time honored technique and we choose to dry age our beef anywhere from 21-28 days which allows the beef to further develop tenderness and that deep beefy flavor. It takes longer and is a more expensive process to produce premium beef this way, but it is worth every minute.  

We pride ourselves in the fact that we can trace every single order back to the animal, there’s 100% traceability to the Krafft family. Not only that but everything we feed them is grown here on our farm as well. Our animals are grass fed as much as they prefer to eat and allowed an extended finish on sorghum grain, that we also call Milo, for the last 120 days. Milo is a non-GMO grain that really develops that nice finished flavor to our beef.

Every order is special, and you will always get a personal touch from us to you. You’ll get a handwritten note from me, the story behind Krafft Beef, a picture from my daughters and the best beef you will ever taste. The best part is that you’re supporting a young family farm with all products packaged and shipped directly from the farm. Everything can be ordered directly from our website and comes in thermal layered boxes with dry ice! Expect a delivery about 1-3 days after our ship out day! We are currently shipping every other week, due to the constraints of getting dry ice in our rural area. 

I get lots of questions about what customers should try first and I always have the same answer, start with our ground beef! If you love our ground beef you will definitely love our steaks and other cuts. Our ground beef is treated the same as our premium steaks and is dry-aged and single-sourced. Being single-sourced is something we absolutely pride ourselves in and is another reason it rivals store bought beef. With regular grocery store beef processed from a large packing plant, several animals can be ground together which can lessen the quality – at Krafft Beef, we trace every purchase back to the animal that was raised on our family farm. We know every single animal that goes to the butcher and the story behind it. When you order ground beef from us, it’s from one animal only. We also have other menu items that make a great and easy family dinner night like fajita strips or kabob meat. Those are both super easy to throw in the pan or on the grill.

This business model is definitely unconventional, but it is important to us because we truly believe that the story behind where our food comes from has been lost over generations. It’s important to connect people to the story of where their food came from, how it was raised and what it took to get it on your dinner plate. Food brings families together and knowing the people that produce it is important. Everyone used to know their farmer back in the day, so it is our goal to share our farming story so that you can know us, and allow us to be your personal farmer. We love to make those connections and bring families together to enjoy our beef over their table!